Lucy Lucy, Itch, Deams, Slicer, Rashe – Brunswick


Was not expecting to see (and meet) 4 of the 6 AWOL Crew members today at the Sydney Road festival in Brunswick. Some nice work here, though it looks temporary, it might still be there for a couple days. I wonder what happens to this once the festival is done?

I made a separate post about some sketches I received:

Artist: Lucy Lucy, Itch, Deams, Slicer, Rashe
Location: Brunswick

AWOL Crew Sketches


Today I had the privilege of meeting Lucy Lucy, Itch, Deams and Slicer from AWOL crew during the Sydney road festival in Brunswick.

It was great to finally meet and talk to the artists that create such amazing masterpieces all around Melbourne.

Managed to get some signatures off Slicer and Deams, and some awesome drawings by Lucy Lucy and Itch on my notebook!

Brunswick – Rone


Was riding through Brunswick looking for a few new pieces and I managed to stumble across this. Funny, because it’s quite difficult to *not* stumble across this piece.

Painted on the wall of the Dangerfield shop on Sydney road, this massive portrait, striking backdrop of colours by Wonderlust, with gorgeous details catches the eye and lures you in for a closer look. I stood there in awe just staring into her eyes.

Artist: Rone, Wonderlust
Location: Brunswick

The Pedestrian interview with Deams

The Pedestrian recently had an interview with AWOL Crew street artist Deams, and I highly recommend everyone to read it. Especially anyone looking into getting into the art scene. Deams delivers some helpful and inspirational advice during the interview, and for someone like me who would love to start drawing or spraying, be it on canvas or street walls, it really is great to read this kind of stuff from the artist themselves.


Brunswick – Taylurk, Shida, Twoone

En route to the city I managed to catch Taylurk, Shida and Twoone finishing up this wall. Taylurk had time for a quick chat on how they were going and was happy to pass me all their names as the wall didn’t have their names up yet. Surreal detail, and brilliant collaborative work between all three artists.

Artist: Taylurk, Shida, Twoone
Location: Brunswick